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Jiangsu Yike agricultural grass grabber (grab wood, loader) performance introduction

Jiangsu Yike agricultural grass grabber (grab wood, loader) performance introduction

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Superior quality, industry leader
"Su Ke" brand agricultural grass grabber, the whole car parts are top-level configuration, the whole process of production uses the top-level flow technology, each screw, gasket, each high-pressure oil pipe is different, the whole vehicle paint is electrophoresis Baking paint, most parts have a service life 10 times that of the general products on the market.
"Su Ke" brand agricultural grass grabber is suitable for: straw storage and comprehensive utilization industry, large grain farmers, grain storage, rice industry, sugar cane industry, farmland water conservancy transformation, forestry, tea industry, cattle raising industry, sanitation, board industry, Paper, cotton and linen textiles, waste recycling industry and other users, transporting straw materials, loading and unloading, stacking and other transportation.
Choosing “Su Ke” brand financial subsidy products is the right choice for users. Buying discounts and using them with confidence. Each minimum horsepower grass grabber is equipped with straw claws and buckets that are equivalent to the market without subsidies. The discount is about 2,500. ~ 3,500 sets.