How much support does agricultural mechanization play in modern agriculture?


Agricultural mechanization largely reflects the development level of modern agriculture, and the current development of agricultural mechanization has received great attention in China. However, there are still many problems in the current development of agricultural mechanization. Relevant departments should deeply recognize the importance and value of agricultural mechanization development, take effective measures to solve the problems in the development of agricultural mechanization, and effectively promote the development of modern agriculture, providing assistance for the overall national strength of China.
The supporting role of agricultural mechanization in modern agriculture is currently very obvious, mainly reflected in the following four aspects. Firstly, in the development of local agriculture, agricultural mechanization has effectively promoted the improvement of agricultural production efficiency and promoted the reduction of production costs and labor intensity. Secondly, in the process of agricultural mechanization development, crop yields can be effectively improved. Under the background of agricultural mechanization, cultivation can be more scientifically and reasonably achieved, and agricultural production can be completed with quality and quantity guaranteed. Thirdly, modern agricultural mechanization can achieve precision and precision in the use of pesticides and fertilizers, achieving the goal of protecting the ecological environment while saving agricultural products, and fully utilizing information. Fourthly, agricultural mechanization can effectively transfer rural labor force, thereby promoting the continuous improvement of urbanization level. Human liberation and freedom are the core of modernization, and this state of life is even more beautiful.
With the development of agricultural mechanization and productivity, rural urbanization has become an inevitable trend. In the gradual formation of modern agriculture, agricultural mechanization plays an indispensable role in many aspects, including resisting natural disasters in agriculture and cultivating new farmers. In addition, during the implementation of agricultural mechanization, agricultural workers can receive effective training, and the agricultural management system will continue to be improved, achieving land transfer and large-scale land management, ultimately providing guarantees for increasing farmers' income. However, we should also recognize the problems that exist in the development of modern agriculture with agricultural mechanization. The current overall structure of agricultural mechanization is becoming more reasonable, but it is still difficult to meet the practical needs of China's current agriculture.
In the late 1990s, China began to achieve rapid development of agricultural mechanization, but it should also be noted that the level of rural public services in China is relatively low. The integration level of agricultural technology and industrial mechanization in China is relatively low. In recent years, there have been more and more types of agricultural machinery products, but most agricultural machinery products do not have a high degree of compatibility with local agronomy. Fourthly, agricultural mechanization in modern agriculture has achieved rapid development, but these large agricultural machinery centers and companies generally do not organize technical personnel to receive effective training, and the technical level of agricultural machinery maintenance technicians cannot be guaranteed. This article is originally published on New Agricultural Machinery Network. Please indicate the source when reprinting.