Introduction to the Performance of Jiangsu Yike Agricultural Grass Grabber (Grabber, Loader)


Outstanding quality, industry leader
The "Suke" brand agricultural grass grabber adopts the top configuration for all parts of the vehicle. The whole production process adopts the top flow process. Every screw, gasket, and high-pressure oil pipe are different from others. The paint of the whole vehicle is electrophoretic baking paint. The service life of most parts is 10 times that of ordinary products in the market.
The "Suke" brand agricultural grass grabbing machine is suitable for users in the fields of straw storage and comprehensive utilization, large grain farmers, grain depots, rice industry, sugarcane industry, farmland water conservancy transformation, forestry, tea industry, cattle farming industry, environmental sanitation, board industry, paper industry, cotton and hemp textile, waste recycling industry, etc., to carry, load, unload, and stack straw materials for transportation.
Choosing the "Suke" brand financial subsidy product is the right choice for users. If you buy it at a discount, you can rest assured that each minimum horsepower grass grabbing machine is equipped with grass claws and buckets, which are equivalent to products without subsidies in the market. The discount is about 2500 to 3500 sets.