Introduction to the Newly Upgraded Performance and Effects of Jiangsu "Suke" Patent Forward and Reverse Rotary Tiller


The Jiangsu Yike "Suke" brand rotary tiller series, with abundant rainfall and poor soil quality during the autumn planting season last year, has various fields with different straw types. Our company has freely deployed this machinery for the use of large grain contracting households, with a continuous operating area of over a thousand acres and deep cultivation of 15 to 20 cm for both water and drought purposes. The tracking and assessment have achieved trouble-free operation. The overall quality and performance of the machine are stable and reliable, with a straw stubble removal and return rate of over 90%. The straw and soil are evenly mixed and scattered for full coverage, The surface is finely leveled, accelerating the decomposition of straw into organic fertilizer, reducing fertilization costs, and increasing the yield of green food per mu. Moreover, the same model of machines and tools has reduced the power matching by 10-20 horsepower, saved 0.2-0.3 kilograms of oil per acre, increased the cultivation area by 1-2 acres per hour, significantly reduced operating costs, controlled the frequency of "three guarantees", enhanced the service life of the machines and tools, and achieved the expected "effect of stubble cutters and benefits of rotary tillers" in the market. It is the only leading brand in the domestic market today, which is not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also fully returns straw to the field Multi functional, efficient, competitive market value supporting products.
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