Precautions for the operation of the grass grabbing machine during the running in period


During the operation of the grass grabbing machine, the forward and reverse gears should be evenly arranged for each gear. During the running in period, the loaded weight shall not exceed 70% of the rated load.
2. Pay attention to the lubrication of the grass grabbing machine and replace or add lubricating oil according to the specified time.
3. The grass grabbing machine must regularly pay attention to the temperature of the gearbox, torque converter, front and rear axles, wheel hubs, and brake drums. If there is overheating, the cause should be identified and eliminated.
4. During the running in and out period of the grass grabbing machine, it is advisable to load loose materials and do not use excessive force or speed.
5. Check the temperature and connection of various components of the electrical system, the power supply status of the generator, and the working condition of lighting and lighting for the grass grabbing machine.
6. Check the tightening of bolts and nuts on key components of the loader (engine, axle box transformer, wheel rims, transmission shaft, etc.) using the grass grabbing machine.
7. After the running in period of the grass grabbing machine expires, clean the gearbox oil pan filter screen and replace it with new oil; And change the engine oil and drive axle oil. Secondly, the loader should be regularly maintained in the following stages every day (every 10 hours) and visually inspected for any abnormalities or leaks; Check the engine oil level, fuel tank volume, water level in the water tank, and brake fluid; Check the lighting and instruments; Check the tire pressure and lubrication of each hinge point; Check the tightening of key bolts. Every half month (every 100 hours), in addition to repeating the above daily inspection items, it is also necessary to clean the diesel tank refueling filter, engine cylinder head, and torque converter oil cooler; Check the battery fluid level and apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the joint.