Operating Procedures for Small Forklifts and Grass Grabbers


(1) Before driving and operating, operators should be familiar with the various performance, structure, technical maintenance, operating methods, and operate the loader according to regulations.
(2) Passengers are strictly prohibited on board except outside the driver's cabin.
(3) When unloading into the car, lift the bucket to a height that will not touch the car bumper, strictly prevent the bucket from touching the car trunk, and strictly prohibit the bucket from crossing the top of the car cab.
(4) When going downhill, use automatic deceleration and do not step on the clutch pedal to prevent power cutoff and car slipping accidents.
(5) After the loader wades into water, it should be immediately stopped for inspection. If it is found that the brake fails due to immersion, continuous braking should be carried out to use heat to remove moisture from the brake pads, in order to restore the brakes to normal as soon as possible.
(6) When the loader is working, no one is allowed to stand in front of it, and during the driving process, the bucket is not allowed to carry people.
(7) During work, it is strictly prohibited to stand under the shovel arm, and unrelated personnel and other machinery are prohibited from working and passing through here.
(8) High speed operation is strictly prohibited.
(9) When the operator leaves the driving position, land the bucket, turn off the engine, and cut off the power.